Rahu's journey began in January 2021 when it became clear that I needed haircare products in my life that would be sustainable and support the microflora of the scalp. During my hairdresser career, I have seen countless people over the years who have various problems with their scalp and hair. I figured - if I can't find the right products to fix my hair then I have to make one myself!

I have always put the scalp on an equal footing with the well-being of the hair, because a healthy scalp = healthy hair.
Having seen dozens, if not hundreds, of different hair and scalp types, and years of in-depth research into the components of hair care products, I now have the opportunity to create a brand that helps solve these problems. However, I myself have also struggled for a long time with both psoriasis and eczema on the scalp and have not found a hair care combo that is suitable for me and supports the scalp.


Another important and close-to-heart factor is the environment and nature around us. On average, one household throws away 24 plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles per year. Our motto is to put two things together - salon-quality hair care products in a sustainable format.

The role of pH

The correct pH balance prevents unwanted breakage, seals hair cuticles and maintains moisture and natural oil content. Hair normally has a pH balance between 3.6 and 5.5, and using less alkaline products helps maintain acidity.

We are happy to say that the ph of each product has been carefully thought out to ensure the best product-specific effect.


Our very first production was located outside of Estonia. Today we have come to the understanding that in order to make products that are very close to our hearts, we need and want to be 100% present and be able to make tests and changes exactly as needed.

By September 2021, it was clear that we would transfer the artisan production to Estonia and start the process from scratch. We deliberately took a long test period to enter the market with confidence. We also involved a chemist in the process, with whom Rahu is in such a shape that I can consider it the real PEACE of my heart.

- Paula