If you've ever had dandruff or a flaky scalp, then you're probably already aware of the importance of cleaning your hair brush. Your hair brush is like a breeding ground for bacteria, dandruff, and yeast. All of that gets combed over and over in our hair every day. Cleaning not just your hair brush but also all of you hair tools, plays a huge roll of keeping your hair and scalp healthy.

Brushing your hair is probably second-nature, but did you know that this daily hair care step could be damaging your hair health?

Your hair brush contains a lot of dirt and bacteria that gather on your comb daily. This dust and bacteria attach to your comb and cannot be removed. If you have dandruff, every time you brush your hair you will accidentally return it back to your scalp. Or if you use hair products such as hair oil, wax, or mousse and have used a brush, those substances will stay on the comb and it will stick to your hair when you use a dirty brush.

You want to be sure you’re taking care of your brushes so you’re not defeating it’s purpose.


During use, you should clean your brush at least once a month.

        1. Remove any hair that is stuck in the bristles. Use a comb or a rat tail comb to remove the hair on both the brush and the bristles.
        2. Fill a bowl with a warm water and rub our Detox shampoo few times under the water to make it foamy. Clarifying shampoo is the best choice since it's cleansers are designed to cut through oily residue and buildup.
        3. Soak the comb in the water for up to 20 minutes.
        4. After, rinse the brush with clean water to completely remove any residue left on the comb.


A hairbrush does not just detangle hair stands or help to style them it also facilitates the oil redistribution over the scalp and hair, exfoliating the dead cells, and improving the blood circulation of the scalp. However, brushes filled with loose dirty hair are unable to efficiently perform these additional tasks.

So, if you haven't added cleaning hair tools to your weekly to monthly routines, then you should start with it now!

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I have naturally frizzy hair and an oily scalp, so it has been a long journey to find products that really work. I can say it with confidence that Rahu has made wonders with my funky hair. Signature shampoo leaves my scalp nice and clean! Such good value for money! ;)

Anna January 07, 2023

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